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What is Sales?

What is Sales?

Nobody wants to be sold anything and a home renovation is no exception. We all prefer to be well-informed in order to make wise spending decisions rather than feeling forced into a purchase. 

A general rule of thumb is to follow your gut feeling; if you a contractor puts you in a position where you feel uncomfortable then you should find another. Some examples are scare tactics, offering discounts for cash payment, general lack of knowledge, or simply putting too much pressure on the sale. 

This article is intended to help you understand how the sale process should go when working with a professional. Being able to recognize key aspects of a professional will guide you in choosing the right renovator and make you more confident throughout the process.

  1. Knowledge – A professional renovator will be knowledgeable without appearing “cocky” or putting other people or businesses down. Sharing knowledge with a client should be an easy process and not one where the contractor is trying to impress a client by demonstrating how much they know. 
  2. Honesty – Professionals will always be honest with the client about their project; time lines, price, potential challenges, sub-trades, and potential unknowns and extras. Though nobody likes a surprise, there are bound to be a few through the renovation process. The truth is not always good news but you should still expect honesty along with clearly and promptly communications. When a client asks for an immediate solution, sometimes I don’t have one but I am not afraid to admit it and will always get back to them with time. Homeowners appreciate this honest approach. Lies are very difficult to keep track of and often cause troubles for the contractor but, on the contrary, honesty is easy because it’s easy to remember and the story remains consistent.
  3. Solutions Driven – When I look at a renovation project, I want to know the important details; how the client plans to use the home, why they want particular aspects, and how long they plan to live in the home. Asking questions and imagining the bigger picture allows me to give my clients the best solution for their unique situation. 
  4. Relationships – Building a relationship with the client, actually getting to know them and their lifestyle really facilitates the renovation process. This trust and confidence are necessary because you are allowing them into your home. Many of my clients over the years have become great friends and our relationship continues long after their renovation is complete. 

The sales process or more accurately said, the relationship process, has always come easy to me. Somehow, I have always understood that sales can only happen when you provide an honest solution to a person’s problem and have genuine motivation to help the person, rather than doing business for self interest. Once any professional realizes this simple fact, sales are easy and not so scary for both parties. The sales process becomes two, soon to be friends, discussing a solution to a problem.

I hope you find this article helpful in making renovation discussions and enjoy the process of building a relationship with a knowledgeable, honest, solution driven professional, that could turn into a life-long friendship. 

Dan Monk, P.Eng. / Red Seal Carpenter

Owner – MONK Renovations