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Home Modifications – Accessible Living

Home Modifications – Accessible Living

Home Modifications – Accessible Living:

Home Modifying / Renovations for accessible living are effective ways to provide a high quality of life for those in need. Identification of the need home modification needs are effectively completed by trained professionals, such as Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) specialist, Occupational Therapists and Experienced Contractors to make up a team who can provide detailed report and estimate of the required home modifications specific to the needs of the client.


The big question, who needs accessible living home modification?


Accident Victims – Those who have been in automobile or work related accidents. Accident victims are often forgotten and left to fend for themselves after an accident has occurred, when in reality these victims may have long term needs that require home modifications to allow them to live a normal life. Insurance companies, Injury Law firms and WCB can make a difference by ensuring that the victim has a safe home to live in after the accident, not just a onetime payout.


Disabled – Those who have been born with or develop disabling medical issue. Regularly, parents are placed in difficult situations with a child who has a disabling condition who need home modifications to allow the child and the parents to provide simple everyday tasks like bathing, accessing the family home, mobility within the home. Alternatively, family and spouses are placed in difficult position when an adult is compromised physically by a heart condition or stroke, making their home a challenging place to live. Home modifications can allow parents, spouses and family to take care of their children and family members in a safe, comfortable home environment. These home modifications are typically financed personally, government assistance or charitable groups.


Aging Population – Those who due to aging have developed challenges living in their existing homes. In Atlantic Canada we have the largest percentage of aging population per capita verses any other region in Canada. This is a challenge and places stress on our medical and housing systems as our beloved parents and grandparents find it difficult to remain in their existing homes.  However, home modifications can address many needs of seniors, with safe accessible showers, grab bars, wider doorways, better lighting, ramps or lifts for access and the list goes on.  Private care facilities can cost over $30,000 per year and public care facilities can cost government/tax payers over $70,000 per year. A lot of home modifications can be completed for $30-70 K to allow a senior to stay in their home for many years or until they decide it is time to move. When possible it should be the seniors’ choice, not just because the home no longer works for them. Personal/family investment by the senior or government assistance are options for financing these home modification


Service Men & Woman (Military, RCMP, Coast Guard, etc.) – Service to your country can be dangerous and often the men and woman who serve can be injured in the regular course of duties or in acts of war. When the people who serve are injured we need to ensure that they can be restored as close to pre-injury as possible. When those injuries are permanent, home modifications are often required to allow a return to a regular independent life style, one of self respect and dignity. Accessible bathrooms, kitchens, entry, etc are all part of the home modification that can provide this dignity for those who have served.


Department of National Defence (DND), Veterans Affairs and our Federal Government are all agencies having a roll and responsibility in ensuring our service men and woman are given the independence and dignity they deserve when their service is complete.